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Our Clients

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Our Team

The CMDS team is led by Chartered Accountants and includes accountants, bookkeepers and support staff.  We are also linked with a network of professionals in other disciplines who work in the non-profit sector.

We have served the non profit sector for over 20 years, helping organisations to build financial health and sustainability so that their resources can be used more effectively in making a real difference.

We have extensive experience in facilitating training specifically tailored to the needs of non profits and we have collective skills in reporting to management, funders and other stakeholders.

Our values are faith-based with a strong commitment to integrity and service.

CMDS is a registered practice with SAICA and, as such, acts as accounting officer for organisations that choose not to have an independent audit.

Cathy Masters is a registered tax practitioner.

Team Members

Cathy Masters

B Com (Hons) CA(SA)

Cathy is a qualified CA and the founder of CMDS - a specialised financial management consultancy for non-profit organisations. Cathy has worked exclusively with nonprofit organisations since 1987. Cathy has worked with a diverse range of organisations ranging from small CBOs to international funding agencies. She understands all the financial, tax and legal issues facing the sector.  She is also passionate about sharing the knowledge that comes from this long experience, and is an experienced trainer.

Paul Tyler

B Sc (Hons) FCA (Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales)

Paul joined CMDS in 1997 after working for Christian Aid, a major relief and development agency in the UK. As Finance and Human Resources Director, Paul had overall responsibility for reporting on, and accounting for, an annual income of some R400 million. During his years at CMDS, Paul has enjoyed getting to grips with South African legislation and practice and has worked with a range of non profits (including funders) to help build their financial and organisational sustainability.  Like Cathy, Paul enjoys opportunities to train and currently lectures for Gordon Institute of Business Science on the Social Entreprenurship Certificate Programme and for the University of Stellenbosch Business School's NPO Management Programme.


Brenda Coetzee - BCom (PG Dip Acc) CA(SA)

Amber Olaleye - BCom

Lou-May Immelmann - BCom (Management Accounting)

The Bookkeeping Team

(From left to right)
Shanice Hector - Dip Accountant; Cert Bookkeeping
Reneé Joemat - Dip Business Administration
Chad Daniels - Financial Management N6

The Admin Team

(from left to right)
Sylvia Ntlonti
Cyrilene Arendse
Felicity Kinkead- Weekes


Esté Lottering Tax Technician (TT)SA CSPAICB (SA)


Some of the organisations we work with


Our Clients

You will find our clients working in deep rural areas, in boisterous townships, across our continent and in centres of power all over the world. They are challenging injustice, inequality and unfairness; they are bringing peace, hope and reconciliation; they are walking alongside agents of change, people of vision, broken spirits with great potential.


Our Network

Over many years, we have also built up a network of other professionals working in the non-profit sector who bring complementary skills in other disciplines (law, marketing, monitoring and evaluation, organisational development, auditing, fundraising, IT, human resources, copywriting and editing etc.). Where necessary, we can partner with one or more of these professionals to enhance the scope of our work or we can refer you on, if this would be helpful.



  •  Rapporteur  - L B Associates - Laureen Bertin - laureen@Lbassociates.co.za


  • Solace Consulting - Greg Cronje - www.solaceconsulting.co.za
  • RSM Betty & Dickson - Andrew Galloway - www.rsmbettyanddickson.co.za
  • Douglas & Velcich - Ebie Seedat  011 053 8871

Creative Services

  • Writing, Layout & Design - Jennifer Geib - www.jenifergeib.com
  • The Change Room - Gaby Ritchie - 082 453 9827
  • Story Telling - Pam Sykes - 083 324 2468


  • Catarina Andrade Coaching & Consulting - Catarina Andrade - www.catarinaandrade.com

Client Relations Management

  • Optimise CRM - Wynaand du Toit 021 856 0420


  • Papillon Press - Jill Ritchie 021 794 4616
  • The Resource Alliance - Sarah Scarth - 021 761 4022
  • Words That Count - Melanie Jackson 021 557 8396
  • HGG Sustainability Solutions - Tina Thiart - 021 782 8816


  • Third Sector Insights - Malcolm Boyd - 021 913 0794 

HR & Recruitment

  • HR Overload - Debbie Lewis - 021 705 9151
  • Recruitment Solutions -  Alrica Edwards 021 422 3570

IT Specialists

  • Mindspring Computing - Michyle deCerff - 021 657 1780


  • NGOLAW - Nicole Copley -  http://www.ngolawsa.co.za/
  • Ricardo Wyngaard Attorneys - Ricardo Wyngaard -  http://nonprofitlawyer.co.za

Nonprofit Networking

  • Interiority Consulting - Ruendree Govinder - www.nonprofit-networking.org

Organisational Development/PME

  • Alvin Anthony - tonymflk@gmail.com
  • Emthunzini - John Roux - 021 797 8244
  • Impact Consulting - Jerushah Rangasami - www.impactconsulting.co.za
  • InsideOut - Natasha Nel - www.insideoutresearch.co.za
  • CDRA - Marianne Brittijn - marianne@cdra.org.za


  • Anna Vayanos Philanthropy Consulting - Anna Vayanos
  • Nedbank Private Wealth - Noxolo Hlongwane - 021 416 7153

Public Relations/ Brand Management

  • Life Brand - Warren Lodge - www.LIFEbrand.co.za
  • JHP - Jenny Handley - 021 686 0287
  • On Course Communications - Cathy Williams - 021 782 0877